Feb 21 notes

Attachment belongs in  . . . .psychological for quality of attachment . . . which has neuro-biological consequences

paraphrase = author and year

direct quote = author, date, pg number

use APA . . . be sophisticated and go beyond what you have read

self efficacy – – – the belief in one’s ability to perform a task

  • Most important determinant of behavior
  • Belief in one’s ability to perform task even if have skills
  • People will do what they believe they can do
  • Observational Learning – Mirror Neurons
  • Powerful venue for learninglMost powerful when

    –Respected–Prestigious–Relatable–Behavior is complex–Important to learn the behavior

    lE.g. How to give insulin

mirroring, idealization, and twinship

Kohut proposed that the developmental selfobject needs of mirroring, idealisation and twinship are crucial to the development of the self.

— External locus of control : God or fate has control over me

—Internal Locus of Control : I did this

HEalth Belief Model

Perceived Threat  that something has a benefit, they will do it

Bio Ethics . . . European and African Americans believed the patient should be told the truth.

MA/KA thought it was cruel

———————-  Culture Bound Syndrome

every culture has illness based on anxiety or depression


An idiopathic form of anxiety seen in China, which is accompanied by backache,fatigability, insomnia, vertigo and weakness; it is attributed to excess loss of semen or passage ofwhitish urine, sexual dysfunction, excess masturbation, intercourse, and nocturnal emissions.


A delusional disorder of males in which the sufferer becomes convinced that his penis isshrinking and that when it disappears into his body, he will die. To prevent this, he will tie his penisto a heavy stone or persuade friends to hold it, in relays. The delusion is limited to certain areas inSouth-east Asia and relates to the belief that ghosts have no genitals. Epidemics occur.

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