My class is talking about Sexual Health

Dude, Dr Donnie, why couldn’t we have been studying this all year?

what is sex health


Neurobiology and sexuality

In men, sexual orientation correlates with the number of older brothers, each additional older brother increasing the odds of homosexuality by approximately 33%. The results showed that roughly 1 gay man in 7 owes his sexual orientation to the fraternal birth order effect. They also showed that the effect of fraternal birth order would exceed all other causes of homosexuality in groups of gay men with 3 or more older brothers and would precisely equal all other causes in a theoretical group with 2.5 older brothers.


Helen Fisher – 3 love networks.

Lust ( 8 month to 2 years – you can want to bone even if you don’t like someone),

Romance: sexual attraction with liking someone. “passionate love” – one person at a time saves energy and time. your brain makes norepinephrine and increases focus.

Caregiving / Attachment: oxytocin

What is the purpose of sex in your relationship?

  1. reassurance?
  2. power
  3. role assertion
  4. entertainment
  5. release
  6. bonding

The average IVLT (intervaginal latency time) – sex usually lasts about 5 minutes


it takes about 20 minutes for the nervous system to calm down – so in case of a fight COME BACK.

PAIR BONDING – people seek attachment.


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