Feb 14th Theories class

Re victimization . . .

People who have been traumatized learn to not trust their own instincts.

Feel they have no personal choice

CUTTING is a distraction from the emotional pain, a communication, a self punishment.

Psychosomatic illness – Trauma is stored in somatic memory. When the Hippocampus cant lay down memory they place it in the feelings.

Trauma and memory

a little stress helps with memoryfigure-4-inverted-u-curve-relationship-between-arousal-level-and-performancewell

—– how traumatic memories are formed2a1d9fb64d79d36c098cb235e824d663

Hyper arousal and triggers from Sight, Sound , Taste and Touch . . . in a normal memory they get “crunched” together. In a Traumatic memory they remain separate and make the feeling like it is happening RIGHT NOW (Read it in Van Der Kolk or Cozalino)


WHEN can you say the trauma has been “worked through”

“when you can recall the trauma and then be able to put it away and talk of other things”

you may have to work, or rework trauma. You may feel fine but then be triggered in a new life stage.



how is trauma transmitted?

Epigenetics and Methylation: Heritable Changes not due to DNA (Stress, portrait of a killer)


heritable changes not due to DNA -life events can change genes

Methalation – patterns can be handed down internationally – epigenetics… include the videos’


Aware and Empowered – protesters

Unaware and Empowered 0- politicians


both batterer and victim get Cortisol and neural networks get over pruned.


Video of “Sex & The Military”

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