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Mid Term is on Explanatory Theory Assessment. Do this on TurnitIn, Email it as an attach as a copy, and bring a hard copy to class. If there is a higher than 10% score on Turn it in, try it again.

Incorporate the reading and cite it in the vignettes in the term paper.
research on Homophobia at the University of Georgia showing Homophobic men and non Homo men are aroused as much by man on man action as when man w/woman.
Phobic men had greater penile circumference when watching man on man action.

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What is a TRAUMA. 

Trauma overwhelms the personality and people get stuck processing it.


Trauma Therory – DSM 5 .You can be upset from second hand info, but you won’t get  PTSD from just hearing or reading about it.


Type 1 Trauma ; simple ptsd – one big trauma

single event, diagnosis of illness . . etc

Type 2 Trauma – lots of liouttle traumas building up

—— think repeated sexual assault. Most people with borderline personality disorder have this.

Type 3 – hostage

Type 4 – RACIAL, Cultural trauma, micro-aggressions, discrimination and oppression


“Trauma and Recovery”, 1996 by Judith Herman . she talks about people swinging from hyper-arousal to numbingeven in one session.

Freud – thought of “Seduction Theory” that sexual abuse was a fantasy

WW1 = Shell schock

WW2 = Battle Fatigue

Made it into the DMS because of Vietnam War, Victims of the Holocost, and victims of Rape.

The Repressed Material  does not stay  repressed.

Children will act out their trauma. They can’t verbalize it.

Kids sometimes identity with their aggressor and then behave in aggressive or abusive ways to others. For instance, kids who bully at school are often abused at home.


Negative reinforcement vs Positive Re-enforcement.

AVOIDING a stimuli keeps you away from things you may like that may trigger you. For example —- if loud noises trigger you, you then avoid Superbowl parties.


Normal Stress response is FIGHT or FLIGHT

  • PTSD folks have LOWER than average levels of Cortisol. Low Cortisol levels make it more likely you will dissociate.
  • People who dissociate during trauma are more likely to get PTSD
  • Abused kids have high levels of cortisol but these levels decrease as they age, we think the receptors burn out. Because of this, the military targeting traumatic neighborhoods for recruitment may backfire because the soldiers may have endured during childhood but no longer habe the chemical resources or ability to recept Cortisol and avoid PTSD.

Children who have been abused learn to dissociate because it is their default.

Broca’s areagoes offline – “speechless terror”

Image result for too scared to speak clipart

DREAMS from traumatic events.

Learned Helplessness


FUN FACT Statistic – only 10% of people who experience a trauma have PTSD

SOCIAL SUPPORT is a great predictor of surviving trauma.

Social Support Before and AFTER a traumatic event. The more support, the less likely someone will have PTSD.


  • A PERSONLA TRAUMA is worse for someone than a Social Trauma.
  • ACTS of God vs Moral Defense
  • dis·so·ci·a·tion
    1. the disconnection or separation of something from something else or the state of being disconnected.
      “the dissociation between the executive and the judiciary is the legacy of the Act of Settlement”
        the splitting of a molecule into smaller molecules, atoms, or ions, especially by a reversible process.
        separation of normally related mental processes, resulting in one group functioning independently from the rest, leading in extreme cases to disorders such as multiple personality.
        plural noun: dissociations
        ——- a cartoon from http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/08/dissociation-tips-to-get-through/
        disassociation 1disassociation 3
        disassociation 4disassociation 5
        disassociation 6disassociation 7disassociation 8disassociation 9
        Being able to REPORT the trauma , and perhaps only remember pieces of it.
        a way to escape when you can’t fight or flee. a “painless death” – polyvagal
        Immobilization – Hi S, Hi Ps. ….. when she was stuck on the wall
        Collapse faint S, high Ps … Possum, or fainting goats.
      • Depersonalization vs DeRealization
      • Derealization : This event is not real
      • DePersonalization – this event happened to someone else.
      • Amnesia : This event never happened.

      DISOSSIOATION is helpful



      Double Bookkeeping –  Solmnolent state of mind, nonverbal or opposite words, fear or threat to self/family

      Abused kids = see themselves as angry

      Neglected kids = see others as sad

      Sexually abused kids = others like me


      Freud said people repeat patterns to see if they can make the end result different.

      TRAUMA to Triumph – victory



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