Feb 28 paper

Anxiety often happens early in childhood, especially if one parent is anxious

also a result of early childhood adversity . .. molestation or bullying

Obsessive Compulsive and Related Disorders, skin picking, and cutting

OCD affects 1% to 3% of population, more for the rich and educated

Obsession vs Compulsive


“Anxiety disorders are frequent and early-emerging conditions associated with considerable developmental, psychosocial, and psychopathologic complications. 10% of youth.

Early anxiety syndromes may remit spontaneously, but the vast majority  of children and adolescents with an anxiety disorder suffer from either the same condition or other mental disorders throughout their life.

Potential risk factors for the development of anxiety disorders have been identified, such as parental psychopathology, behaviorally inhibited temperament, and early life adversity (abuse, neglect).”

Biological Models / / /

you have Brain Anomalities, sleep apnea, drug reactions, medical illnesses,


can learn to fear throughout life

generalizes easily


cognative errors


Object Constancy



false self vs true self


—- in a Phobia we do not know what was paired with that fear that grew

Feminist theory : that women would cause themselves to fail to be “acceptable” to men

stress inoculation

a procedure useful in helping patients control anxiety by substituting positive coping statements for statements that bring about anxiety.

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  • Defenses are erected to avoid “what is.”
  • Fusion illusion in couples
  • Religion (belief in afterlife)
  • Compulsive hyperactivity
  • Healthy person: one who lives with the givens of existence and is anxious in the face of them without erecting defense mechanisms.

——————— FILM on Hoarding

“My Mother’s Garden


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