Winter Shelter: NOW

We are ‪crying out and pleading for an early opening of Winter Shelters and more! This will be a bone chilling & deadly storm if we do not open warming stations overnight and during the day. @MayorOfLA @LAHSA @GavinNewsom @LACountyCEO @MRTempower @LASheriff_AlexV ‬ #shelter #rescue #losangeles Also, try to see the medical costs ofContinue reading “Winter Shelter: NOW”

It’s raining, and the old man is asleep on the sidewalk getting soaked

open winter shelter and prevent the cost of sick and wet neighbors

Winter Shelter and Transportaiton Guide

Click on this link to open the 4 page PDF file with information and instructions about the Winter Shelters in Los Angeles 14-15_WSPShelter-Locations-and-Transportation-Guide_20141121.pdf

These are some of the people who will be back sleeping on sidewalks, in doorways and allys as of March 16 when Winter Shelter closes.I stole the picture from Mark Horvath

Burbank City To Give $ to Glendale Winter Shelter

to pay for a street outreach case manager and purchase bus passes for people to access the shelter. Read more:,0,4006818.story – Links to HUD Homeless Services

The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines

are fascinating. Much thought and planning has gone into serving the population who uses the shelters and the areas that host them. I am giving you the link to the handbook : it is 54 pages, but here are some highlights: ———————————————————————– Important Fact #1 – what is provided: Sink, toilet, shower, cot and a cleanContinue reading “The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines”

December 1, 2010 Winter Shelter

December 1 is the start of Winter Shelter in Los Angeles County. Their web page has not been updated with the 2010-2011 scheadule – however they do post an overview of the project: “LAHSA’s Winter Shelter Program (WSP) runs annually from December 1 through March 15. This season, the WSP will increase the number of emergencyContinue reading “December 1, 2010 Winter Shelter”

Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?

Not this year, but next year the City of Glendale is looking at hosting the Winter Shelter for residents (Meaning that people spend most of their time there) of Glendale or Burbank only. Last year (winter 2009/2010) over 85% of the people who came to The Winter Shelter were from locations other than Burbank, PasadenaContinue reading “Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?”

Your search – homeless hotel vouchers los angeles – did not match any documents.

Shocker. NOT! Dear @HiltonOnLine and @tombodett Last year I followed the Winter Shelter that was held in the Glendale Armory in CA  and stopped in to visit or volunteer a couple of times. What I learned was that often mothers with young children would ride the bus to the Armory looking for shelter but couldContinue reading “Your search – homeless hotel vouchers los angeles – did not match any documents.”

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