The View Doesn’t Know Welfare

On “The View”, @theviewtv, Welfare was described as placating poor people and rewarding them for not working. The View is Blind to Truth If you have been here for a minute or more, you know I work in the Welfare to Work program. Whoopi says that Welfare takes money from workers making employment not appealing.Continue reading “The View Doesn’t Know Welfare”

I NEED Community Service ideas

for low-income parents who will have child care and transportation already taken care of for them. I have a population of adults with education varying from GED’s in progress to Bachelor degrees. Many of them have Vocational Training in Medical Assisting and General Office. The point of Community Service is to help my clients engageContinue reading “I NEED Community Service ideas”

Job info to tell your GAIN Worker

Congratulations on your employment! Your DPSS worker can help you sustain your employment AND give you credit for the hours you are working – but only if you let them know. This is the basic information you should provide IN Writing. There is an actual official form, but until you can turn that in – giveContinue reading “Job info to tell your GAIN Worker”

Re: CalWorks making you work when sick

I read your comment, and wanted to respond to you.   If you only went on aid because you could not work due to illness – you said you were in the hospital – then you should have been EXEMPTED from having to do the 32/38 hours . (in LA COUNTY it is 32/35 hoursContinue reading “Re: CalWorks making you work when sick”

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