Vote! Election date

Hey @gop and Democrats, March 3rd is the Primary for voters in Los Angeles! And yep! I vote in every election I can. Play a game of Let’s pretend: Vote like a woman. Vote like a minority. Vote like someone with few resources. If that felt weird to you, then ask yourself what your votingContinue reading “Vote! Election date”

Free with your I Voted Sticker:

It isn’t legal, but it’s FREE to get food and stuff with your  I Voted sticker. Here’s what I know Free Taco with Your “I Voted” Sticker ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wear your “I Voted” sticker to Los Gringos Locos for Taco Tuesday and get a free Taco Tuesday Taco of your choice with your order. (If you haven’tContinue reading “Free with your I Voted Sticker:”

Educate Yourself before you vote

#fb It’s political season and everyone is promising everything – if you would just vote for them … Get to know what the limits and powers of the offices really are so you can watch the commercials and read the pundit’s promises and know when they are blowing smoke at you. WHAT IS A GOVERNORContinue reading “Educate Yourself before you vote”

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