Veteran’s Day – info for the US Hero in need

In danger of losing your home? There are several different programs available to assist to veteran facing foreclosure. Please contact the United States Department of Veterans Affairs at 1 (800) 827-1000 for more information about eligibility. ♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥–♥♥-♥♥–♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥-♥♥- I am a homeless veteran in need of help, who can I call? You can call the VA’sContinue reading “Veteran’s Day – info for the US Hero in need”

the White House livestream on homelessness

“Opening Doors”  USICH meeting on continuing efforts to prevent and end homelessness. The White House My Veteran’s Affairs hero is speaking. I love him! HUD/V A Supportive Housing has been the best tool for ending homelessness. By the end of next year it can bring 30,000 veterans and families out of homelessness.

Hero of the week

Eric Ken Shinseki   A 4 star general working to end homelessness for veterans. The New York Times says “Mr. Shinseki has set a goal of eliminating homelessness among veterans within five years; there are an estimated 107,000 homeless veterans today, down from 131,000 last year. He is taking action to make the agency more sensitiveContinue reading “Hero of the week”

Law and Veterans

Special courts and rules for judging American Veterans who have committed crimes that may be related to having served are becoming more common. “The VA and organizations supporting veterans argue that the special courts are often the first place wayward veterans discover the many benefits they are eligible for, such as medical and psychological care.”Continue reading “Law and Veterans”

The best thing I’ve read today

about the state of Homelessness and need for compassion. Thank you  and The Herald Tribune. Here are the (in my view) the best quotes: Homelessness is a complicated issue that does not have a single solution. Military veterans are also overrepresented among the homeless population. The Veterans Administration estimates that 20 percent ofContinue reading “The best thing I’ve read today”

♥ South Dakota’s Tim Johnson ♥

U.S. Senator Tim Johnson is my Man of the Week. (okay, so that is something I just started today – but really – I think we should celebrate those who Do GOOD for us more often) “May 20, 2010 Today, as chairman of the VA Appropriations Subcommittee, I will be co-chairing a hearing with SenatorContinue reading “♥ South Dakota’s Tim Johnson ♥”

Homeless Veterans Help

Agencies in CA that provide services to Homeless Veterans. I am shortening the list to the Los Angeles County area – but the full list can be accessed HERE  American GI Forum of Montebello   Contact Name: Rafael Centeno Address: 7801 Telegraph RD, Suite A City/State/Zip: Montebello, CA 90640 Phone: 323-278-0330 Email: Web: AntelopeContinue reading “Homeless Veterans Help”

Military Homeless Rant

Pardon me for a moment while I get quite pissed off.Why?! Why! Why do we have homeless veteranss? Seriously? If you served and were honorably discharged – you shold be immune form ever being homeless. Period. This should be especially true if you are homeless as a result of your service to the rest ofContinue reading “Military Homeless Rant”

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