Core Beliefs, as illustrated by The Oatmeal

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“This comic was inspired by this three-part series on the backfire effect from the You Are Not So Smart Podcast.

If you want to learn more about the backfire effect and other related behaviors (confirmation bias, deductive reasoning, etc), I highly recommend listening to the whole thing:
Podcast Part 1Podcast Part 2Podcast Part 3” – the Oatmeal

also, as I pointed out to my friend Ally Alberts Howard, the Amygdala looks like a seahorse in real life. Wanna see?

The Amygdala looks like a seahorse.

The Youngest USC Master’s Student

“Fight On!” Is the motto for @USC. This is how I am fighting on to my goal when Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation gave me last minute notice that they have Caesar Chavez Day off.


So, off to campus we go. Thanks Professor Kurzban for letting her audit your class today.

When you’re a single parent, you do what you have to do to achieve goals.

#usc #fighton #childcare

USC Financial Aid Status

USC Financial Aid screen
And here we go on financing the dream.

via USC Financial Aid Status.

I have had 2 weeks to adjust to the news that USC will let me study with them and It still seems unreal.

The enrollment process is somewhat complicated and requires many steps, but does not seem to be too confusing. I hope I am doing this all correctly. If I had the time, I would swing by campus and ask someone to hold my hand and walk me through it. As it is, I will bring you along.

Don’t deny your feelings, you are excited too.

Also, if you know of any great scholarships or educational funds – direct me to them,

USC Bike Application Criteria

Bikes at USC from

@USC Bike Give Away
Click the link at the end of the article for the paper applicatopm/
The University of Southern California Public Safety and the South Los Angeles Homeless TAY & Foster Care Collaborative have partnered to give back to their surrounding community in the South Los Angeles region. Highly renowned academic and public service partners would like to offer 15- 20 free bikes to homeless youth who are faced with the daily challenges of transportation. The free bikes have been held on reserve specifically for homeless or formerly homeless transition age youth (age 16-25 years old) who would like to take advantage of this giveaway opportunity. Further criteria for youth to pick up a free bike is stated below. Please fill out this form and email it to Summer Reed at sreed for consideration. This is due April 6, 2015. Due to the nature of this event, resources are limited and bikes are first come, first serve. Good luck!


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Dental care for the poor

Medi-Cal doesn’t cover your dental issues – now what?

USC School of Dentistry has been my “go to” pick for years. It is not free, but it is excellent and affordable. They are also active in the community and hold clinics at the Union Rescue Mission in Skid Row.

Here is the link for URGENT DENTAL care. Arrive more than 30 minutes before the clinic opens because they can only see 14 clients a day.

Call (213) 740-1576 with your questions.

PS: if you are a child or under the age of 20 years old – your MediCal should still be paying for your dental care. For more information about this – read the FAQ’s.