My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk

I woke up at 5 am, today is one of my favorite days each year. I get to see former co-workers, employers, and most importantly have face time with service providers that address Homelessness because, like me, they believe it can be a temporary problem. I did not want to over sleep or miss it.Continue reading “My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk”

$ Being homeless is expensive. Really.

You may have heard that it costs more to have a person live on the streets than it does to house them. It’s a weird concept and for a moment you feel like someone is pulling your leg  or doing Reaganomics.  I mean, you know how much it costs to be housed. Rent+utilities+gardener+repairmen = a wholeContinue reading “$ Being homeless is expensive. Really.”

Dear United Way: a little help

I am trying to get more information on The Providers Collaborative of the San Fernando Valley however the number listed for Brandon Beckman goes to a voice mail box for home number of someone not speaking English. I called the LA office of the United Way and she said there is no one by theContinue reading “Dear United Way: a little help”


Sign up! Raise money and walk to end homelessness. Or just come out for the booths and information fair. Every year at Exposition Park the United Way puts on a HomeWalk to create “Pathways out of Poverty” All of the movers and shakers in the movement to end homelessness and solve the epidemic of povertyContinue reading “HOME WALK 2010”

United Way Home Walk : my 1/2 second of Fame

Look Mom,  ( and @mWomack !) I am on the Internet! Last year I did the Home Walk with MAXIMUS Inc, where I work. I went to look at The United Way LA’s page today and found my daughter (in the scarf) and I (chubby girl with sign held in front of face – byContinue reading “United Way Home Walk : my 1/2 second of Fame”

VOLUNTEER opportunities

United Way LA keeps a list posted of places and ways you can volunteer your time and talent. Also read their suggestions of coalitions and agencies you can become involved with to make a difference.  “Join Local Coalitions: Help end homelessness by getting involved in local coalitions working toward permanent solutions. Project Y!MBY (Yes!Continue reading “VOLUNTEER opportunities”


Community Service isn’t just for “Ladies Who Lunch” and people with criminal records – it is for everyone. Finding a spot that is just right for YOU – is difficult. Here are some places to start your search: The United Way Volunteer Los Angeles Volunteer Match All for Good Habitat for Humanity

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