URM the Difference

Today I was in the Union Rescue Mission for the second time. The first time I went inside the building , I was pregnant with Darla and snuck out of Maternity triage to serve Thanksgiving dinner with the crew and cast of The Bold and the Beautiful (@BandB_CBS). I was not prepared for what IContinue reading “URM the Difference”

Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right”

That is the best thing someone can say about a person. It is especially telling when someone who sees you on a regular basis shares this opinion with strangers. Last week I heard this about Bradley Bell. To be honest, this one character reference was the reason I gave a second thought to CBS showingContinue reading “Bradley Bell “His Mama Raised Him Right””

Are Advocates for the Poor Really Poverty Pimps?

@hardlynormal @wearevisible @urm @epath Is it really possible for advocates to have the best interest of the poor in mind when we go home to beds and they go to shelters and boxes?

It Came! and who should be a role model?

I am overjoyed to find @abales of @URM in my mail box at work today. It is a little like Christmas and I am super happy to be rewarded for dragging myself into the office today. My happy dance and small shouts of “It came, It Came!” has prompted a somewhat steady stream of onlookers toContinue reading “It Came! and who should be a role model?”

at @URM Rev @aBales and the budget woes #FB

Today The Union Rescue Mission had to let many loyal and wonderful workers go. ♥Read more at : http://www.urmblog.org/. They were able to save Hope Gardens, but in the crunch to keep both the Mission and Hope Gardens alive, about 11 employees left the payroll. The Union Rescue Mission has a religious name and a ministerContinue reading “at @URM Rev @aBales and the budget woes #FB”

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