exposing Twitter attitudes towards Homeless

Direct quotes from a Twitter timeline search for homeless KelvinHaze Homeless #PLUSSIDE im saving money on my electric bill. dave_smith_ii #funnierthanjimmyfallon A homeless guy carrying a bloody spork. 3 minutes ago from web fvsdacc (its mark here). . . Am putting my chest up for a sponsored waxing for the Homeless Home which is gonnaContinue reading “exposing Twitter attitudes towards Homeless”

I wanna do this FUN Fundraiser

For $10 he will do almost anything. I could literally burn through entire bank accounts before you found things i would not do as long as they are legal and not too icky.

No Pity Policy

Demand to be treated with dignity and addressed as a thinking, capable human being. In return, I will expect you to act like one.

A Safeplace for Homeless Teens

http://www.nationalsafeplace.org/ is based in Kentucky, however I am impressed with the array of services they offer including giving information to teens out of the area such as this snippet from their web site : Finding Help Even if Safe Place is not in your community, there are other people who can help: Friends or relatives TeachersContinue reading “A Safeplace for Homeless Teens”

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