Give a little and clutch your pearls less, Arcadia California

I am still on the city of Arcadia’s Facebook page for residents and people who have been old school residents of that little city, 19 miles east of Los Angeles. I loved growing up there. It was a perfect place to be a kid. I did little league, dance classes through the community, I volunteeredContinue reading “Give a little and clutch your pearls less, Arcadia California”

Blankets and the Homeless

My daughter’s friends at UMYF recently made blankets for Project Linus and had some left over. I just spent $25 mailing the one’s from my family to Vancouver. Mailing the extra’s is beyond my budget. Fortunately their Youth Group Leader, Franklyn Shen, was looking for an alternative recipient for the blankets. Part of the bunch wentContinue reading “Blankets and the Homeless”

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