Can we discuss @BandB_CBS

Guys, dolls, ya’ll – yesterday and today Thomas came to the realisation that the voice in his head is not real and he has a head injury. His acting was realistic. The torture he expressed is so familiar to what I see each day in people who have voices haunting and taunting them. This morningContinue reading “Can we discuss @BandB_CBS”

What Color is a Homeless Person. Reality vs Perception

We were crowded around a computer in the corner of a transitional housing apartment building on Wednesday Night searching for pictures of homeless people. Everyone with me had been homeless in the past 10 years. 2 of them were African American, one Hispanic and two were Caucasian. I was making my point that the typicalContinue reading “What Color is a Homeless Person. Reality vs Perception”

As seen on TV: CBS’s The Bold and the Beautiful

Look for Linda Harris as story goes to The Union Rescue Mission Oct 28 + 29 @BandB_CBS #fb @urm,

Why You Have to Watch The Bold and the Beautiful

#fb @urm @abales @BandB_CBS Union Rescue Mission and CBS’s Bold and the BEautiful show the real skid row.

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