7 Steps to Prevent Child Abuse Reporting – Because I HATE It.

Bad Parenting = I will have to report you and that in uncomfortable for everyone.

Why I fail as a Political Wife

“You are very Pro-Homeless – and that means you would be a terrible Political Wife. You would say something well-meaning and alienate half a contingency”. My jaw dropped as I heard these words last week. I am not, Pro-Homeless. I am simply Pro-Human, Pro-dignity, and Anti-Homelessness where it can be avoided. I get that sometimes peopleContinue reading “Why I fail as a Political Wife”

the unimagined face of homeless – mine

Why do I work in the Homeless arena? I do it because the paralyzing fear, and absolute hopelessness is unacceptable.  If you can stand listening to my voice – watch the video and I will tell you more.

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