It is too cold for me to think about the homeless

No, I really did hear someone say that to me today. Why? Because when it is cold we are all cold. It was 30 degrees this morning and walking out of my heated car was a misery. I am storing extra socks in my purse like a squirrel with nuts . I understand that thinkingContinue reading “It is too cold for me to think about the homeless”

Wound Care for Homeless Patients

@giveyoursole, @hardlynormal, @hanes Basic Wound care is simple. Keep it clean and dry and don’t touch it until it heals. Great. But what if you don’t have access to showers and toilets or bandages, or someone to help you clean and bandage the wound? What if you are homeless and forced to spend all dayContinue reading “Wound Care for Homeless Patients”

The Red Sox Want White Socks

for their “Sox for Socks” drive. The socks will be distributed to the homeless in the area. Why is this a good thing? When a person becomes homeless they often have lost their health insurance as well, and shoes wear out without being replaced with quality foot wear. 20% of all physical illness treatments inContinue reading “The Red Sox Want White Socks”


I stare at feet – alot.  My feet are a constant topic of conversation and always cold, so of course I enjoy socks. I have about six pairs of socks shoved in my desk drawer at work, 2 pairs in my car and uncountable masses of mis-matched socks in my apartment. I don’t care, IContinue reading “Socks”

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