Profiles in Social Work

It has long been my argument that social workers are perfect fodder for sit-com or reality series. We see all the crazy drama generated by others, meanwhile we are equally human with our own issues and often turn to each other for help (or at least I get many requests to assist my coworkers) InContinue reading “Profiles in Social Work”

The hard part of being a social worker #fb

 The hard part of being a social worker is not being able to be the Solution Provider. You are homeless, and I don’t have a home to put you in. You’re in mental strife, but all the county approved therapists are booked. Please don’t kill yourself before I can find you a professional to talkContinue reading “The hard part of being a social worker #fb”

aarrggh – what it’s really like to be a Social Worker

Don’t pick this job.  Do something easy, like rocket science. You know, where there are absolutes and the figures always add up. Do something where if you mess it up, only seven people die at a time. Being homeless is hell. People die of starvation and exposure every day.  It is a big gaping pitContinue reading “aarrggh – what it’s really like to be a Social Worker”

Thanks for complaining

I’m pleased that someone complained (to anyone who would listen) that I pushed too hard for him to work and go to school.  If he would just get one of those sky-writing planes to etch that into the clouds I would lay out in the parking lot and stare until the wind swept the message away. My jobContinue reading “Thanks for complaining”

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