One of my favorite shows is @BandB_CBS The Bold and the Beautiful there’s so much to like about the show including the fact that it’s set in Los Angeles and I like the characters and some of my favorite actors are on there but today we’re going to talk about something that really is personalContinue reading

Love is Trans-formative

Love changes you. Love for something outside of yourself allows you to change the world. Love for your fellow man makes you want to make the world a better place for everyone. You may, or may not, know that I used to be a Sunday school teacher and I am a practicing Methodist which isContinue reading “Love is Trans-formative”

Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job

Today, June 17th, I took a sick day. That lasted until about 5:00 when I was informed that a homeless person I knew had barricaded themselves in a public bathroom inside a building that was closing. Shortly after I was called the first time somebody dialed 911 and asked for the police. I was calledContinue reading “Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job”

Psychiatric First Ai

This is a Bottom Up approach caring for the emotions of the people who have been exposed to disaster or terrorism. If you feel traumatized and unsafe: don’t be the person offering care. With the client Look at the physical safety of where you are. Help them find a family member or support system AskContinue reading “Psychiatric First Ai”

The Youngest USC Master’s Student

“Fight On!” Is the motto for @USC. This is how I am fighting on to my goal when Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation gave me last minute notice that they have Caesar Chavez Day off. Yikes. So, off to campus we go. Thanks Professor Kurzban for letting her audit your class today. When you’reContinue reading “The Youngest USC Master’s Student”

I was a Republican Conservative

I was a proud Republican Conservative until it became my job to help people live in dignity. You can be proud to be an American And love your neighbors who are not. You can disagree with the leadership And express that in words requiring thought. You can wade into poverty To pull out people whoContinue reading “I was a Republican Conservative”

This is Social Work

I am not real unless you believe in me. I have no voice unless you listen for it. Much like a shadow, I can be seen but I have no power to move objects or create change. Sometimes, however, seeing a shadow will make you stop, look carefully, or even change direction. It is hardContinue reading “This is Social Work”

Well, Hell

“I just had a miscarriage and I know I should snap out of it and do my thing, but I’m so sad and depressed.” Crap. I need to talk to this person and do it so she doesn’t see the obviously pregnant people I am surrounded by. And here I was, complaining that my boiledContinue reading “Well, Hell”

Sometimes I Cry

I don’t think I have told you that before. Sometimes the work prompts me to cry. Today I met with a man who does not know where his wife is, and does not feel he should remove his children from living with her parents because he is homeless. He sees them in the daytime andContinue reading “Sometimes I Cry”

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