Chuck – a Profile of a Skid Row Resident

Chuck has waxy islands of skin floating in his lank hair, a mild case of acne and a food encrusted shirt that fits like he is Gus Gus from Disney’s Cinderella movie. Like Gus, our hero is popular and generally jovial. He is also what my Grandma would call “simple”. Chuck is a product ofContinue reading “Chuck – a Profile of a Skid Row Resident”

Soap, a barrier between homelessness and health in the days of the Corona

“Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water.” This is a basic precaution that I remember teaching the Brownie Girl Scout Troup I led. Now, with the Corona Virus landing in flu season, the news is filled with reminders to wash hands. I get emails instructing me to wash hands before touching thingsContinue reading “Soap, a barrier between homelessness and health in the days of the Corona”

Godd Bless Anne Martini

A mid-west ballerina who was a personal assistant to Jane Fonda, worked and taught at UCLA and in the recent years was accepted to Graduate School at USC, Anne Martini died on Christmas Eve 2010. In the middle of her life she had an abusive marriage, a drinking problem, and a mental breakdown. UCLA hospitalContinue reading “Godd Bless Anne Martini”

Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative

“Recognizing that homelessness is not a crime and addressing its underlying causes” is one of the best approaches to policing areas with high levels of homelessness. – Alex Vitale and Michael White The study of 8 years of crime statistics says that Los Angeles reduced the crime amongst the homeless and did not simply spread itContinue reading “Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative”

Have a Child and on Skid Row?

SKID ROW ASSESSMENT TEAM   Leavey Center   522 South San Pedro St. Los Angeles, CA 90013 (213) 486-4995 Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM If you have minor children and want to apply for CalWORKs or are on CalWORKs and need help with shelter, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social ServicesContinue reading “Have a Child and on Skid Row?”

Why You Have to Watch The Bold and the Beautiful

#fb @urm @abales @BandB_CBS Union Rescue Mission and CBS’s Bold and the BEautiful show the real skid row.

Pit Boss on Skid Row

Today is the day for me to recognize people on television shows. This afternoon it is Taja on the “The Seventh Dwarf” episode of Pit boss. Taja and her friend were caring for a Pit Bull and Dalmatian which were kept tied to a parking meter on skid row. Are pets a good idea onContinue reading “Pit Boss on Skid Row”

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