A Cry for Help in Florida #fb

Okay, This child is on the verge of homelessness and needs you.  I have found the most depressing web site in the world – but it exemplifies all that I know about the people who are trying to avoid and survive homelessness. The literacy Skills, Relationship Issues, and overall need are very indicative of what I […]

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$ Being homeless is expensive. Really.

You may have heard that it costs more to have a person live on the streets than it does to house them. It’s a weird concept and for a moment you feel like someone is pulling your leg  or doing Reaganomics.  I mean, you know how much it costs to be housed. Rent+utilities+gardener+repairmen = a whole […]

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Homeless or Bad Parenting

I know some really fantastic parents who are homeless. I meet their children, get graduation announcements and copies of report cards and have the chance to see Mom or Dad in action in my office. these children are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted and aware so varying degrees that they are homeless. And, I see awful, […]

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Domesitc Violence Shelters are hurting

reducing services, staff and possibly beds because there are not enough funds to keep them going. The state funds have been reduced, Federal Stimulus finding is going away, but the need for the services remain the same or greater. So where can the money come from. Ultimately the funding comes from you – sometimes in […]

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Infrastructure or Social Services?

To end poverty and benefit the community as a whole – should you spend your dollars on infrastructure or social services? Do you fund the painful symptom or cure the illness? You have to do both. Building enough homeless shelters to house everyone only puts people in shelters – it does not give them any […]

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Toby’s House for pregnant women in crisis

“Toby’s House is a maternity shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their children under the age of five years old.” near San Diego California. Clients and their children (Under the age of 5) may stay for the first 30 days free while they look for work or enroll in school. Life skills classes such as […]

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