Income Verification … a daunting request

Income is not a topic that we typically discuss in public. I see many families who have absolutely no income other than government assistance. I imagine it would be very embarrassing and awkward to disclose that to the strangers who are going to be educating your child. I have to wonder, why does the LosContinue reading “Income Verification … a daunting request”

How One-On-One Tutoring Is Creating Possibilities For LA’s Homeless Youth

School on Wheels is awesome! Good job @uscannenberg & @SchoolonWheels The average homeless student falls 3 months behind their class every time they switch schools and the stress of homelessness means mom or dad may not have the time or a place to help with homework and school related work. School on Wheels bridges thatContinue reading “How One-On-One Tutoring Is Creating Possibilities For LA’s Homeless Youth”

It’s back to school time!

Did you know that homeless students have the right to continue attending their last school, and have priority at the school closest to their temporary residence? It’s true! Los Angeles Homeless Education Program  does this to redice the numbers of drop outs and to stabilize the lives of homeless youth. You can enroll in schoolContinue reading “It’s back to school time!”

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