Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.

I am still feeling sick about the #Charleston AME shooting last night. I have heard it is not #Terrorism because it isn’t politically motivated and the shooter was “mentally disturbed”. Umm, Sitting Senator Clementa Pinckney was one of the nine victims murdered. I would call that a political shooting, wouldn’t you? At any rate …Continue reading “Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.”

Do you need a Phone Number?

Calls from the Doctor, potential employers, landlords, county social workers, etc, a phone is an absolute essential for survival if you are trying to break out of poverty. Home phones are not possible if you don’t have a home and cell phones are great – but if you don’t have an outlet to charge itContinue reading “Do you need a Phone Number?”

Serve LA – thank you

That was cool! I noticed my Resources Page was getting more clicks than usual. Pretty much we use it in the office to give information to the other workers so they have all the information that I do. Today I tracked down the reason: I am honored and now will spend some time andContinue reading “Serve LA – thank you”

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