My Republican, Leftist, Agenda

25 years of case management social work and public engagement have shown me that the most important thing we can do is educate each other. We need to share the knowledge that we’ve gathered and we need to be able to independently and individually decipher that knowledge and apply it to what we’re looking at.Continue reading “My Republican, Leftist, Agenda”

I was a Republican Conservative

I was a proud Republican Conservative until it became my job to help people live in dignity. You can be proud to be an American And love your neighbors who are not. You can disagree with the leadership And express that in words requiring thought. You can wade into poverty To pull out people whoContinue reading “I was a Republican Conservative”

Money, Poverty, Prejudice and Being “A Basic”

I am one of those “basic girls” who lives in Suburbia , loves @Target a little too much, and has rock hard abs … not.

I want a #BlackOut

I want a day where no black person shows up to work. #BlackOut

Sterilize Poor People

Oh wait, just the women…because low income women clearly get themselves pregnant with no help from sperms makers known as men. Seriously Arizona? Republicans, your driving me crazy with your women’s oppression and criminalization of poverty. I’m going to start a list of folks who need to STFU

State Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark

See… sometimes I am not ashamed to be a Republican. Thanks Tony for your article in the Ventura County Star. ” The majority in Sacramento need to stop treating hard-working California families like an ATM machine by reaching into their pockets every time they run out of money.” “If we want to get out of thisContinue reading “State Sen. Tony Strickland, R-Moorpark”

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