There is currently no rent freeze or moratorium on rent in California. So if you can’t pay, some action is likely required on your part. Partial payment of rent does not prevent you from being evicted unless you get a written agreement from your landlord or property manager. State and local eviction moratoriums do not prevent rent from beingContinue reading

Learning to be Housed

” How important is it that I pay rent ?”. As jaw droppingly stupid as hearing those words from someone who is expecting a new car tomorrow is – I heard them last night. Often homelessness is caused – not by lack of resources- but by the unwise spending of resources. (Gas to go farContinue reading “Learning to be Housed”

Unemployment and How it Connects with Homelessness

Money. It comes three ways. You can inherit it,  steal it or earn it. One way or another, you need it to secure housing.  Even the tents on Skid Row were not free. More than half of the Unemployed do not have any education beyond a  High School Diploma. Workers who don’t even have aContinue reading “Unemployment and How it Connects with Homelessness”

Craigslist post asking for rent –

Loan for rent needed asap! Date: 2010-07-13, 12:58PM PDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]   Single mother desperately in need of a loan to pay rent that is due today! I have a 9 month old daughter and we can not be homeless! Unfortunately I used everything I had to move toContinue reading “Craigslist post asking for rent –”

Rent for your Homeless Shelter

Should you pay for shelter? Where would the money come from, where does it go, how is it spent and is it far? In New York the plan is to charge rent for shelter residents. The Huffington Post has an article from Covenant House touting their approach to rent and why it is character building.Continue reading “Rent for your Homeless Shelter”

Find Housing in LA

Got a Section 8 voucher? Need apartment listings for Section 8 and market rate apartments?  this is the FREE rental listing guide that sorts by rent, zip code, size, etc . . .

Homeless to Housed- beware

Do not be so happy to have found a place that you can afford to rent that you forget basic rules of renting. #1. GET IT IN WRITING #2. BE EDUCATED ABOUT YOUR RIGHTS #3. TAKE CARE OF IT #4. ACT IN GOOD FAITH #5. KNOW WHERE TO GO FOR HELP This morning a clientContinue reading “Homeless to Housed- beware”

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