Dear White People, People of Color are Just People

People can be your friends, if they look different than you do if they walk differently than you do if they speak a language you don’t if they wear clothes you don’t expect if they have toys you thought they wouldn’t if their family has different types of members than yours if their God isContinue reading “Dear White People, People of Color are Just People”

Day 2, Black History Month Things to Ponder

Never be deceived that the rich will allow you to vote away their wealth.Lucy Parsons: Freedom, Equality & Solidarity – Writings & Speeches, 1878-1937 Something I have noticed is that racism is rampant among my friends who do not think beyond the surface level. It’s like what I tell my daughter to find the hairbrushContinue reading “Day 2, Black History Month Things to Ponder”

Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech 

There has been a change in our culture within the last week. Has there been a change in your behavior ? A proposed change in-country leadership has put a man who has used words and phrases that alienates pacific groups of people. A man who is followed and celebrated by the white power in KluContinue reading “Dot Head … Freedom of Hate Speech “

On God and the worth of people

Every minute of life is a gift from God, we shouldn’t waste time judging the integrity of his other creations. Deciding that “poor people are lazy, evil, & worthless” or that people who understand God in a different way than we do are “Evil and should die” or people who are colored and shaped inContinue reading “On God and the worth of people”

A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother

Dear Darla, I like this photo. You are so stinking cute in a hoodie. Every time you put on a hoodie and go walking through our gated community – I immediately think of Trevon Martin and experience a flash of thankfulness that you are not black in America today. To be sure, there have beenContinue reading “A Letter to My Very White Daughter, From Your Mildly Racist Mother”

I want a #BlackOut

I want a day where no black person shows up to work. #BlackOut

You will never understand what it’s like to be Black in a White World

I think the United States operates on the Brown Bag beauty test – and if you are darker than the bag you will get short changed.

Welfare and Hating Women

I came across an article today about a woman who was not working and had 4 children. Here’s the thing. If she were married to a rich man, no one would criticize her. If she were livinng off an inheritance, we would be cool with it. If she were the father, he would be calledContinue reading “Welfare and Hating Women”

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