Pregnant and in Drugs

Tomorrow I have an appointment with a woman who is 6 months pregnant and addicted to opiods. I put her in residential rehabilitation and she walked out within a day. She believes that quitting get drugs will kill her baby. Actually, that’s what she wants me to believe.  She believes that quitting will kill her.Continue reading “Pregnant and in Drugs”

Let’s Pretend

Assume this is the first phone call of my day… She is homeless … sheltered with her abusive husband .. about to lose shelter … and just found out she is 20 weeks pregnant … has no supportive friends or family or anyone in her corner so she calls a government worker for advice. So.Continue reading “Let’s Pretend”

10-10-10 What I am doing for Homeless Awareness

#fb I am spending the night sleeping on Skid Row. I don’t want to insult anyone by pretending to be homeless and then going home to my soft bed and exploiting the experience for attention. That’s too rude even for me. I want to show you somethings and get you to help me answer thisContinue reading “10-10-10 What I am doing for Homeless Awareness”

70% of Families in Poverty are Single Parent #fb

families. This is information from last week’s census report. Single-mother families are almost five times more likely to be poor than are married couples with children. Only 8% of unwed mothers are teenagers. Most un-wed births are to young women in their 20’s. Why should you care? Well, this is going to bring about aContinue reading “70% of Families in Poverty are Single Parent #fb”

Living for two: Pregnancy among homeless teens is rising | For those who can’t afford free speech

The data, when combined, showed that 42 percent of the female youth accessing services are pregnant or parenting an infant, and more than 50 percent of female youth in transitional housing are pregnant or parenting

Today’s desk sign.

I am frustrated today. “I can’t learn anything, I am pregnant!”   “You won’t give me more money for my new baby?!?!” “I don’t see why I have to look for work if I have to take maternity leave in over half a year”. Here is my frustration – you are in CalWORKS because youContinue reading “Today’s desk sign.”

Toby’s House for pregnant women in crisis

“Toby’s House is a maternity shelter for homeless, pregnant women and their children under the age of five years old.” near San Diego California. Clients and their children (Under the age of 5) may stay for the first 30 days free while they look for work or enroll in school. Life skills classes such asContinue reading “Toby’s House for pregnant women in crisis”

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