Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor

by Don Garza I saw two videos in the past month in which the people speaking made a distinction between homeless people : we call them the deserving poor and the non deserving poor. Many people suffer with illnesses that can not be seen . Not only mental illness , but physical illness and theyContinue reading “Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor”

Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb

When you are constantly moving, and sometimes in and out of shelters where your entire family can only have 3 bags : bikes and x-boxes and stuffed animals get left behind. Anything big, bulky, or requiring electricity is simply not practical. So, as kind and generous as you want to be to a poor littleContinue reading “Gift Giving Ideas for Homeless and Poor Children #fb”

CA Child Poverty facts

#fb Did you know: As many children who are living in poverty live in TWO PARENT households as those who live with a Single Parent? California has more impoverished children than any other state in the nation. 1 of every 6 poor children in the USA lives in California the rate of poverty in childrenContinue reading “CA Child Poverty facts”

Free Tax prep. for the poor that is the link to find locations where your taxes can be done and e-filed free of charge if you meet the income or age requirements.

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