$50 is the entry fee to homelessness

My friend and former co-worker Carlos works at PATH now. He told me that Zillow did a study about the risk of homelessness to renters in 2017 and apparently they did really accurate research because they are right. This means if you are renting a 1 BD apartment at $1,000 a month. For starters, you’reContinue reading “$50 is the entry fee to homelessness”

The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines

are fascinating. Much thought and planning has gone into serving the population who uses the shelters and the areas that host them. I am giving you the link to the handbook : it is 54 pages, but here are some highlights: ———————————————————————– Important Fact #1 – what is provided: Sink, toilet, shower, cot and a cleanContinue reading “The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines”

My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk

I woke up at 5 am, today is one of my favorite days each year. I get to see former co-workers, employers, and most importantly have face time with service providers that address Homelessness because, like me, they believe it can be a temporary problem. I did not want to over sleep or miss it.Continue reading “My day at the @UWGLA HomeWalk”

Are Advocates for the Poor Really Poverty Pimps?

@hardlynormal @wearevisible @urm @epath Is it really possible for advocates to have the best interest of the poor in mind when we go home to beds and they go to shelters and boxes?

PATH is having a party!

 A Fundraiser on 10/2/2010 (and if I were not totally poor my own self, I would definitely go! So, you go for me and let me know how it is!) This is from http://www.epath.org web page.   August 2010 – On Saturday, October 2nd, 2010, from 6:00 – 10:00 p.m., please join People Assisting The HomelessContinue reading “PATH is having a party!”

PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds

Federal funds were released through the County Board of Supervisors on Aug 31, 2010 to these three agencies serving the homeless in LA. Union Station is based in Pasadena California, PATH has the PATH Mall and smaller satellite sites (PATH Achieve in Glendale being my favorite – however Joel John Roberts and Carlos Gonzalez in theContinue reading “PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds”

Hero of the Week – Natalie Profant Komuro

PATH, @epath, @pathachieve does such amazing work that I am always surprised when you tell me you have not heard of it. Many of you have heard of it’s Media Star Mark Horvath aka @hardlynormal. There is a bigger (but much shorter – even in her high heels) , possibly better hero hiding in Glendale – and if you neverContinue reading “Hero of the Week – Natalie Profant Komuro”

VOLUNTEER opportunities

United Way LA keeps a list posted of places and ways you can volunteer your time and talent. http://www.unitedwayla.org. Also read their suggestions of coalitions and agencies you can become involved with to make a difference.  “Join Local Coalitions: Help end homelessness by getting involved in local coalitions working toward permanent solutions. Project Y!MBY (Yes!Continue reading “VOLUNTEER opportunities”

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