Old hands and the guitar

Today I sat down with a gentleman I’ve been trying to talk to you for months. he usually doesn’t speak to me because he can’t. he is so busy dealing with the voices in his head and waving them off and talking back to them that he can’t interact with other people. Every time IContinue reading “Old hands and the guitar”

Woodbury Student Shuns school for Music

Although JOSHUA SMITH  had a full ride  to college he is focusing on his music career. He says he wants to do a tour and talk to homeless folks. I don’t know…. Do you think he sounds genuine? http://www.pasadenastarnews.com/ci_16525965

Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?

Not this year, but next year the City of Glendale is looking at hosting the Winter Shelter for residents (Meaning that people spend most of their time there) of Glendale or Burbank only. Last year (winter 2009/2010) over 85% of the people who came to The Winter Shelter were from locations other than Burbank, PasadenaContinue reading “Glendale Winter Shelter = Locals Only ?”

Pirate Staffing 866-650-jobs

I pass them every morning as I get coffee.  I worry about the safety of Day Laborers and Pirate Staffing seems to protect both the workers and employers. http://www.piratestaffing.com/locations.html  The following is from their web site Pirate Staffing is the industry leader in customer satisfaction. We will help you increase your productivity and profitability. UseContinue reading “Pirate Staffing 866-650-jobs”

How to fight Urban Blight?

What is Urban Blight? The word blight typically refers to plants that are withered or rotting due to disease. Urban relates to or refers to a city or characteristic of city life. When the two terms are put together, urban blight refers to the deterioration and decay of buildings and older areas of large cities,Continue reading “How to fight Urban Blight?”

NoHo adult ed

North Hollywood- Polytechnic Community Adult School Vocational training, ESL, GED …  it’s all there and looks to be almost FREE! North Hollywood Adult Learning Center 10952 Whipple St. North Hollywood, CA 91602 (818) 763-4377 Office Hours- Monday-Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM North Hollywood High School Campus Adult Education Office Randolph Hall, Room 142 5231 ColfaxContinue reading “NoHo adult ed”

NoHo – Thank You!

ybdevelopment – THANK YOU! I will walk by the lot tonight and check it out! Thank you for your responce. I should tell you that I am biased because part of the reason I rented my apartment was because I could walk to Coco’s and eat (I shouldn’t be allowed to cook – EVER –Continue reading “NoHo – Thank You!”


RE: NORTH hOLLYWOOD Wow, the conversation on my FACEBOOK went long into the night and early morning. Maybe I should port the information over here. Thank you Mikey from Orange County for the UPN# – whatever that is. I e-mailed a link to my blog to anyone who looked remotely important in civic leadership. IContinue reading “comments”

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