Not in my Hotel that I can’t afford

I am been used by the people who are outraged. They are outraged that homeless people might be housed in the Ritz or a fancy hotel. These same people begrudgingly except the idea that a Motel 6 or other chain motel might be used to house homeless people during the time of COVID-19. So, insteadContinue reading “Not in my Hotel that I can’t afford”

This what a Sober Shelter looks like… Brace yourself

A sober living house or shelter house looks like: a house where pople sleep, eat, and sometimes watch TV. You know, like your home but for folks who don’t have one.

NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution

I wonder if Dallas Texas City Council member Dave Neumann and Scott Griggs, president of the Fort Worth Avenue Development Group want to know about the mental health and income of everyone in their city – or if they are prejudice against the homeless? Apparently if you have been homeless then you should not be able toContinue reading “NIMBY-ism in Dallas housing solution”

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