Hey New York! Ethics in Human Research, please.

You want to know if your Homeless services and Prevention Programs really work – but what you are doing may not be ethical.  It certainly isn’t very nice. Yes, what you want to know is important: No, it is not important enough to justify the harm you are causing. In case you forgot – expedients with humans comeContinue reading “Hey New York! Ethics in Human Research, please.”

Seth Diamond, Dunce or Devil?

New York has the most Homeless individuals it has seen since the Great Depression so of course it is removing Employment Specialists (Job Developers) from 13 shelters. With fewer than 4% of all new housing being set aside for the Homeless (far fewer than when Koch was in charge) – clients of the local sheltersContinue reading “Seth Diamond, Dunce or Devil?”

Want $90 a night?

you should have been a registered sex offender in Suffolk County New York. “The voucher system is a policy for sex offender emergency housing in Suffolk, in which the Department of Social Services gives a homeless sex offender a daily voucher of $90 and the sex offender is responsible for finding their own housing,” -County Legislature Presiding OfficerContinue reading “Want $90 a night?”

How to be the best Homeless Commisioner you can be

the New York Times collected letters of advice to the new Homeless Commissioner from the past office holders. Read their advice here: http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/04/26/advice-for-the-homeless-commissioner/

New York Homeless Housing program broken

New York  Work Advantage program is housing families in homes that are in foreclosure, apartments with mold, mice and no hot water. the Daily News has more information The Advantage program sounds wonderful. It is not tied in to the welfare system and offers life skills, budgeting and legal services. The problem is that whileContinue reading “New York Homeless Housing program broken”

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