Old hands and the guitar

Today I sat down with a gentleman I’ve been trying to talk to you for months. he usually doesn’t speak to me because he can’t. he is so busy dealing with the voices in his head and waving them off and talking back to them that he can’t interact with other people. Every time IContinue reading “Old hands and the guitar”

Freegal – Free Music with a Library Card

You know I love free services stuff, and free services from the public library are astounding. Last month I told you about “Overdrive”, today I want to tell you about Freegal. Freegal lets me download and keep songs on my electron device’s playlist. I can also stream music. My Google Play application on the SamsungContinue reading “Freegal – Free Music with a Library Card”

Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb

DMB performed this song:Seek Up  “Sit a while with TV’s hungry child, big belly swelled Oh, for the price of a coke or a smoke keep alive those hungry eyes Take a look at me, what you see in me, mirror look at me Face it all, face it all again.”  I am really sorryContinue reading “Dave Matthews Band and Starving Children#fb”

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