An American Tail

A story of immigrants , Jews, family, love, and the American Dream. It is the story of a family running from Russian oppression .  Now, more than when this movie was first released, it is relevant .  “AMERICA, another fairy tale . ..” It is on STARZ, tune in and watch.

Homeless as Portrayed in the movies

I can’t find any movie character that resembles the homeless I see every day. I  need help with this list because I usually avoid movies where anyone is homeless – I am missing the , The Fisher King, and what else….? * Title: City Lights (1931, Playhouse). * Character: Little Tramp Charlie Chaplin sacrifices life and limb toContinue reading “Homeless as Portrayed in the movies”

Filming in No Ho

At the Hacienda Corona. Why should you care?  Because the movie industry has pretty much stopped filming in LA or even Ca and that means a lot of film workers, lighting guys, sound editors, crew, etc are not working which means no pay which means no rent or mortgage money. The Film Insustry is 9%Continue reading “Filming in No Ho”

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