Claim Your Lost Money

Free. Have you ever forgotten a bank account? Ever wondered what happened to your list rebate check? In the state of California, all abandoned funds are given to the state for safe keeping. Search and find any funds here: Not in CA? Find your Lost property and money here:

Poverty = Women’s Issue

Not all women are poor, but most of the world’s poor are women. Most of the poor in Los Angeles are women. When you think about Welfare, admit it, your brain says “Welfare Mom”, not Welfare Dad, or Welfare Family. When I am handed a stack of cases (and lately I could build cities withContinue reading “Poverty = Women’s Issue”

saving on Welfaré

A CalWorks participant (welfare recipient) can save unlimited amounts of money for a downpayment on a home or deposit for an apartment or to start a business. CW61 must be reviewed with the EW and the money must be in a seperate untoiched account used specifically for that purpose. It’s now a Senate Bill. ItContinue reading “saving on Welfaré”

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