Wow, that is a long hashtag, right? The issue attached to it also can’t be easily captured succinctly. But the facts remain, that people with mental illness are less likely to kill or injure others than those without a diagnosis. They must be broken Homelessness and Gun Violence have something in common, we assign theContinue reading “#MentallyIllarelesslikelytokill”

Chronic Illness – Jepordizing Life

One of the greatest challenges to low-income people is managing Chronic Illness.  This is a disease that lasts longer than 3 months and cannot be cured with medicine or treatment. Chronic illness is a world of losses. Loss of freedom and security; if you have heart or lung or mobility issues you can’t go hikingContinue reading “Chronic Illness – Jepordizing Life”

The hard part of being a social worker #fb

 The hard part of being a social worker is not being able to be the Solution Provider. You are homeless, and I don’t have a home to put you in. You’re in mental strife, but all the county approved therapists are booked. Please don’t kill yourself before I can find you a professional to talkContinue reading “The hard part of being a social worker #fb”

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