$1 a Day to Being Scrooge #fb

Remember in “A Christmas Carol” when Scrooge sent the Holiday Goose over for Christmas Dinner? You too can be Scrooge! We are about 49 days away from Christmas Dinner. If you can find just under $1 a day – you can buy this: http://www.vons.com It is Heat and Serve and comes in an easy toContinue reading “$1 a Day to Being Scrooge #fb”

Grocery Money $Making it Last

#fb, Otherwise known as “A word of advice from Sonya’s mother”.  Foodstamps, aka SNAP is carefully calculated to provide enough funds to feed the family or individual they are issued to for an entire month  when other income sources are factored in. However, Food Banks are seeing a crush of clients come in at theContinue reading “Grocery Money $Making it Last”

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