Change the world, don’t just fly above it.

I wish that Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, and that dude from Virgin Atlantic would join me in something truly world changing . Ending homelessness is not rocket sciene. I was raised around rocket scientists by aerospace engineer. I was surrounded by nerds and teachers and I know that rocket science is so much easierContinue reading “Change the world, don’t just fly above it.”

There is currently no rent freeze or moratorium on rent in California. So if you can’t pay, some action is likely required on your part. Partial payment of rent does not prevent you from being evicted unless you get a written agreement from your landlord or property manager. State and local eviction moratoriums do not prevent rent from beingContinue reading

What I Have to Tell You is Different

I translate Homeless services into Soccer Mom speech. Andy Bales of @URM can tell you about housing homeless folks and running a shelter agency. I am currently running two homeless shelters but his view is more salient than mine. Through him I have discovered officer Joseph, a man who wears a badge and walks theContinue reading “What I Have to Tell You is Different”

New Eyes, Welcome to Hell

Today I had a new staff member join my team. It will be their job to work inside of a hospital emergency room and talk to clients who come in who are homeless, specifically those who are homeless with mental health or substance use issues. While the same person has worked gently with Medical systemsContinue reading “New Eyes, Welcome to Hell”

9:25 at night

It is evening in Los Angeles and the sweltering day has melted into a cool night filled with mosquitos. 🦟 Not a single inch of skin is safe, covered or nude. The needle like faces of bugs Pierce clothing’s and they are happy to land in hait and take a stroll down your neck andContinue reading “9:25 at night”

It is heart 💔 break

It is heartbreak to know that there is not enough shelter. It is heartbreak to not have access to beds for people who are sleeping on wet sidewalks. It is heartbreak to not be able to help everybody. It is heartbreak to move somebody out of a house because they haven’t beaten addiction but lettingContinue reading “It is heart 💔 break”

Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor

by Don Garza I saw two videos in the past month in which the people speaking made a distinction between homeless people : we call them the deserving poor and the non deserving poor. Many people suffer with illnesses that can not be seen . Not only mental illness , but physical illness and theyContinue reading “Deserving Poor vs Non Deserving Poor”

Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina

You may remember that I started this blog when I worked on Skid Row. I have a love and hate relationship with the police. My absolute adoration changed when I began working in Skid Row. It was hard for me to tell the difference between “the Purple Shirts” and other area community forces. I learned to sayContinue reading “Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina”


Immigration raids I’ve been happening and everyone’s concerned. This is information from one of my neighbors. “​Just want to share some information that I learned at a staff meeting today. LAPD and Congressman Cardenas office spoke at this meeting regarding immigration relations. Here are the highlights… LAPD does not get involved in asking for immigrationContinue reading “LAPD & ICE in LA”

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