E-Media | Los Angeles Public Library

Bookworms rock! I used to make them as a volunteer for the Arcadia Library in my teen summers. The Los Angeles City Library blows my mind as the local leader in embracing high tech solutions and applications. I thought I was cool because of Freegal Music and my Overdrive use. Wow. I underestimated. The LosContinue reading “E-Media | Los Angeles Public Library”

How to use Overdrive to Listen to Books

Smart Phones and Library Books I have long been a fan of smart phones and cell phones for low income people. It is a great way to stay in contact with family and friends, make and keep appointments as well as access the internet. One of my favorite features on my smart phone ( IContinue reading “How to use Overdrive to Listen to Books”

Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed

It isn’t just Librarians that need the Public Libraries open. Between 2008-2009 over 30 million people used the Library Internet Connections and computers to do a Job Search. Losing hours affects people of color and the low income more than any other demographic. With so much of a modern Job Search requiring e-mail and internetContinue reading “Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed”

The Burbank Library

So I made it to the main branch of The Burbank Library. What, you ask, does this have to do with Social Work or Homelessness . . . actually, let me tell you. When you are homeless or poor you often don’t own a computer, nor do you have access to the internet on yourContinue reading “The Burbank Library”

Burbank Literacy !

I came to volunteer – what I lack in spelling – I make up for in my teaching abilities. Sadly, the branch closest to me closes at 6 pm and I am at work until 5:30 pm. I do, however, have a 15 year old child that needs something to do on Fridays . .Continue reading “Burbank Literacy !”

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