Special Ed LAUSD Distance Learning

Distance learning is challenging for everyone. For children and families with IEPs and special learning needs it can be a challenge to sanity and peace. LAUSD has published this PDF about their program and what you can expect. Students may and learn in a variety of online learning environments including but not limited to: small-groupContinue reading “Special Ed LAUSD Distance Learning”

Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.

Dear LAUSD and all public schools, Please make more room in your after school care program. I can’t be the only parent facing this challenge.  I could not work if I did not have child care and I could not afford child care if I did not work. Right now I am a single motherContinue reading “Child Care, All That Stands Between Us and Poverty.”

Options Program at the LAUSD

As I sit in the stands at East Los Angeles Community College listening to Dr John Deasy and Cory Lopez and Bennet Kayser and Miss Yosemitie Escevera welcome the graduates: I think this ceremony looks like every other graduation I have witnessed. But it sounds so very different. The Options Program was almost demolished thisContinue reading “Options Program at the LAUSD”

Prop 13 – The Parts that Ruined California

#fb What Prop 13 is: At a high point in the housing boom with a housing shortage driving property values up – Prop 13 reassess property tax values from 3% of their current value in 1978 to 1% of their value from before the housing boom. This was great for the poor and elderly onContinue reading “Prop 13 – The Parts that Ruined California”

It’s back to school time!

Did you know that homeless students have the right to continue attending their last school, and have priority at the school closest to their temporary residence? It’s true! Los Angeles Homeless Education Program  does this to redice the numbers of drop outs and to stabilize the lives of homeless youth. You can enroll in schoolContinue reading “It’s back to school time!”

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