Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job

Today, June 17th, I took a sick day. That lasted until about 5:00 when I was informed that a homeless person I knew had barricaded themselves in a public bathroom inside a building that was closing. Shortly after I was called the first time somebody dialed 911 and asked for the police. I was calledContinue reading “Sometimes a social worker is the right person for the police’s job”

Hey @Lapd and transportation /parking enforcement…

No fair! Playing “Hide and Seek” with parking signs and then giving out tickets has to be some kind of wrong. Today I visited a homeless shelter and parked on the street. I did not see a sign : and I looked for one before I left my car! It has been 8 years orContinue reading “Hey @Lapd and transportation /parking enforcement…”

It is heart 💔 break

It is heartbreak to know that there is not enough shelter. It is heartbreak to not have access to beds for people who are sleeping on wet sidewalks. It is heartbreak to not be able to help everybody. It is heartbreak to move somebody out of a house because they haven’t beaten addiction but lettingContinue reading “It is heart 💔 break”

Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina

You may remember that I started this blog when I worked on Skid Row. I have a love and hate relationship with the police. My absolute adoration changed when I began working in Skid Row. It was hard for me to tell the difference between “the Purple Shirts” and other area community forces. I learned to sayContinue reading “Meet the Skid Row Police Leadership, Captain Marc Reina”


Immigration raids I’ve been happening and everyone’s concerned. This is information from one of my neighbors. “​Just want to share some information that I learned at a staff meeting today. LAPD and Congressman Cardenas office spoke at this meeting regarding immigration relations. Here are the highlights… LAPD does not get involved in asking for immigrationContinue reading “LAPD & ICE in LA”

LAPD Job Openings

Class Title Salary Range Last Date to File Exam Type POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin See Bulletin Open POLICE SPECIALIST See Bulletin See Bulletin Open AIRPORT POLICE OFFICER See Bulletin Continuous Open   ADVANCE PRACTICE PROVIDER CORRECTIONAL CARE $98,658 – $109,510/Annually Continuous Open AIRPORT INFORMATION SPECIALIST $44,787 – $69,593/Annually November 11, 2010 Open/Promotional BOAT CAPTAIN $69,593Continue reading “LAPD Job Openings”

Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative

“Recognizing that homelessness is not a crime and addressing its underlying causes” is one of the best approaches to policing areas with high levels of homelessness. – Alex Vitale and Michael White The study of 8 years of crime statistics says that Los Angeles reduced the crime amongst the homeless and did not simply spread itContinue reading “Study out on Los Angeles’ Safer Cities Initiative”

Skid Row Murder update

Shanana Flores,  Lamont Ward, and, Richard Luna. These are the names of the people who caused the Lamp Lodge Murder at 660 S Stanford Avenue on Easter Sunday. Ryan Vaillancourt wrote a wonderful story on this in the Los Angeles Downtown News. But, they are not the only people responsible. That portion of Skid RowContinue reading “Skid Row Murder update”

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