Sanitizing Homelessness

My first day in my first office at The LAMP Lodge in LA’s Skid Row was completely disgusting. I had a wobbly 3 legged table with an old computer perched on it and a cardboard box holding up a printer and a filing cabinet. Oh, and a yellow kitchen chair rejected from the 1950’s. MyContinue reading “Sanitizing Homelessness”

Double Murder – a year later

What happened Easter morning in 2009 at The Lamp Lodge in LA’s Skid Row and what does it say about the safety and services for residents there . . . Read the City Journal’s story on the Truth about Policing and Skid Row for an animated accounting of the murder and reasons behind it. BasicallyContinue reading “Double Murder – a year later”

Lamp Community: Art on Skid Row

ART is THERAPY The Lamp Art Project allows members of Lamp and the Skid Row Community as a who;e to enjoy a little art, take a painting class, get tutoring and learn from a real master and from the other painters – and it allows them to showcase their art works and sell them.  DarleneContinue reading “Lamp Community: Art on Skid Row”

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