It is heart 💔 break

It is heartbreak to know that there is not enough shelter. It is heartbreak to not have access to beds for people who are sleeping on wet sidewalks. It is heartbreak to not be able to help everybody. It is heartbreak to move somebody out of a house because they haven’t beaten addiction but lettingContinue reading “It is heart 💔 break”

Pacoima , Facebook, and a man on the streets

Homelessness is real  a nd affects everyone. Here, in Pacoima, this man is a fixture on a local street. The Facebook group for the neighborhood is learning the worst of all truths about homelessness: there is no easy cure. There are no available shelter beds. We can’t find a place for him to sleep MENDContinue reading “Pacoima , Facebook, and a man on the streets”


Why doesn’t LAHSA see the @URM is how the community is stepping up to help homeless children? Or are my donations and volunteer time not a community effort? ♥ read more : By the way: people in need still have the right to choose where they will have those needs filled. No one is forcing themContinue reading “URM vs LAHSA”

The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines

are fascinating. Much thought and planning has gone into serving the population who uses the shelters and the areas that host them. I am giving you the link to the handbook : it is 54 pages, but here are some highlights: ———————————————————————– Important Fact #1 – what is provided: Sink, toilet, shower, cot and a cleanContinue reading “The LAHSA Winter Shelter Guidelines”

December 1, 2010 Winter Shelter

December 1 is the start of Winter Shelter in Los Angeles County. Their web page has not been updated with the 2010-2011 scheadule – however they do post an overview of the project: “LAHSA’s Winter Shelter Program (WSP) runs annually from December 1 through March 15. This season, the WSP will increase the number of emergencyContinue reading “December 1, 2010 Winter Shelter”

Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME

Interesting article in TIME which makes the point that without a stable place to stay, how can anything become stable in your life? Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME If you are homeless in LA: This is the address to the FAQ Points of Contact for Homeless Persons: Los Angeles Jeanette RoweContinue reading “Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME”

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