My thoughts on the LA Times and Daily News articles

Full disclosure, I am sitting outside of my office watching a man walk down the street and scream obsenities into the air… I don’t have a Public Health degree and I can’t read the article because I don’t have an LA Times Subscription. My Facebook feed is frenzied by this article. Never the less –Continue reading “My thoughts on the LA Times and Daily News articles”

When Solutions Sound Like Punishment

I am following conversations about how to reduce the number of homeless people living on the streets of Los Angeles. I have very patiently been reading without comment. I really want to see what ideas other people have. And now I really want to move to a mew planet call a bunch of mothers andContinue reading “When Solutions Sound Like Punishment”

Contracted Welfare in LA County – a thing of the past?

As you know, I don’t work directly for the County of Los Angeles – I work on their behalf as an employee of a contracted agency. This is the first time I have worked for an actual “for profit” company. Previously I worked on Skid Row for LAMP Community as a Housing Advocate – HousingContinue reading “Contracted Welfare in LA County – a thing of the past?”

LA Times, please Fact Check

Medi-Cal cards are Blue and White Medi-CARE cards are Red, White, and blue. I love that you are printing about the homeless and their issues, but little mistakes like this make you less credible. here is the quote: “Some solicitations were direct, but others were coded, according to the city attorney’s lawsuit. One alleged streetContinue reading “LA Times, please Fact Check”

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