It’s raining, and the old man is asleep on the sidewalk getting soaked

open winter shelter and prevent the cost of sick and wet neighbors

The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness

Really, it seems simple. California, of all places is especially equipped to feed and house the residents here. California grows enough food to feed the nation. True, our diet would be steak, milk, oranges, strawberries, watermelon and artichoke but who is complaining about that? There are 18,600,000 vacant homes in the United States. There areContinue reading “The exhausting state of being a professional advocate for ending Homelessness”

Complicated Relationship with DPSS

I remember the first time I heard the phrase DPSS. I was 7 months pregnant with no job, no degree, and no hope. My mom told me to look at the blue pages in the phonebooth. I called and went to the Pasadena office. I was scared, the building was cold and dirty. There was noContinue reading “Complicated Relationship with DPSS”

Got a GED? These LA County Positions are open…

SECURITY ASSISTANT, SHERIFF   CALL FIRE FIGHTER, NC STUDENT WORKER Follow the links and Good Luck. Search for other positions using the County Jobs Database :

Fighting budget cuts to the poor

From the newspapers: Another demonstrator, David Mathland, said he was there to urge the governor not to cut the CalWORKS program which will benefit about 40,000 people in Los Angeles County. Statewide, there could be 120,000 people. He said there are many other ways to balance the budget, but to cut service is not aContinue reading “Fighting budget cuts to the poor”

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