Free Trade With China = Job Loss in the USA

Let’s ignore China’s lack of Human Rights and focus on American Jobs. California, Texas and North Carolina all lost jobs and workers suffered due to Free Trade with China because of the computer Company Jobs that are outsourced to China. “The United States is piling up foreign debt, losing export capacity, and the growing tradeContinue reading “Free Trade With China = Job Loss in the USA”

Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed

It isn’t just Librarians that need the Public Libraries open. Between 2008-2009 over 30 million people used the Library Internet Connections and computers to do a Job Search. Losing hours affects people of color and the low income more than any other demographic. With so much of a modern Job Search requiring e-mail and internetContinue reading “Cuts to Library Hours Hurt the Unemployed”

End Homeless for ME

Not that it’s all about me, but I am drowning in files. It is 5pm, and except for a quick lunch, this is the first time I’ve had a moment to myself all day. In the past two days I have done 6 brand new intake appointments, My homeless families are now so many that their filesContinue reading “End Homeless for ME”

The Stimulus jobs

You’ve heard about this on the news but what is it?! Basically, the “we are going to create jobs” idea means that very low income people who are receiving public aid are going to be placed into employemt (starting at $10.00 an hour) and the counties will be providing the pay check. In this way,Continue reading “The Stimulus jobs”

pride vs paycheck

Be willing to take the job, low pay and all. Take the gross job that you hate if it is the only one offered to you. Let the long hours focus your ideas of every other type of work you would rather be doing. Then, find a resource to guide you into that type ofContinue reading “pride vs paycheck”

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