Immigration raids I’ve been happening and everyone’s concerned. This is information from one of my neighbors. “​Just want to share some information that I learned at a staff meeting today. LAPD and Congressman Cardenas office spoke at this meeting regarding immigration relations. Here are the highlights… LAPD does not get involved in asking for immigrationContinue reading “LAPD & ICE in LA”

An American Tail

A story of immigrants , Jews, family, love, and the American Dream. It is the story of a family running from Russian oppression .  Now, more than when this movie was first released, it is relevant .  “AMERICA, another fairy tale . ..” It is on STARZ, tune in and watch.

CA Child Poverty facts

#fb Did you know: As many children who are living in poverty live in TWO PARENT households as those who live with a Single Parent? California has more impoverished children than any other state in the nation. 1 of every 6 poor children in the USA lives in California the rate of poverty in childrenContinue reading “CA Child Poverty facts”

Haitian Homeless in US Detention Centers

and only recently approved for trauma therapy by a VOLUNTEER therapist? Seriously, we can do better than this. Read the NYTIMES article. By the way, your tax dollars are paying a private company to house these 30 immigrants that the US boarded onto planes after the earthquake.

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