the most useful thing you can read

if you are poor in Los Angeles county and need help   General Information • Contact Information Sheet • Apply Online or Review Your Benefits Flyer • Offices by Service Planning Area (SPA & Zip Code) • Domestic Violence Referral Sheet • Domestic Violence Brochure • Toy Loan Program Fact Sheet • Toy LoanContinue reading “the most useful thing you can read”

FRAUD! How to See it and Report it …

(800) 349-9970 Money that is mispent here is stolen from the needy. Examples:

IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded

interresting article here It is less costly for someone to stay in their home than for Medi-cal to pay $3,000 or $4,000 a month for the cloent to go into long term care, however, there is a bunch of fraud. Calm down, I have seen the fraud myself, when working with an Area Agency onContinue reading “IHSS, filled with fraud or underfunded”

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