January Hot Meals Locations

http://file.lacounty.gov/SDSInter/dpss/1044385_Listing_of_Participating_Restaurants_b LISTING OF PARTICIPATING RESTAURANTS IN RESTAURANT MEALS PROGRAM BY ZIP CODES January 2019 Domino’s Pizza 2025 E. Florence Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 587-0300 Tam’s Burgers 6620 S. Central Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 585-8267 Carolyn’s Kitchen 853 E. Manchester Ave. Los Angeles, 90001 (323) 585-1661 La Pizza Loca 1401 Gage Ave., Ste. #AContinue reading “January Hot Meals Locations”

Pacoima Food Pantries

Note: Pantry distribution dates and times are subject to change. Please call the pantry to verify that this information is current. Most pantries serve according to geographical service area. Food pantry clients should bring photo identification with them to the pantry. The identification should show client’s current residential address. Some pantries have an application processContinue reading “Pacoima Food Pantries”

Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change

Hello @Tarryhammer! Disclaimer: I have a little and not so secret crush on my friend Luke Ippoliti of MEND ( Meet Each Need with Dignity) in Pacoima. He works in the Food Bank and Home Gardening program. MEND understands that 66% of residents are renters and use most of their money on housing , thisContinue reading “Gardening as a Catalyst for Social Change”

#FoodStampChallenge is worse than a hard level of @CandyCrushSaga

@candycrushsaga is easier that #foodstampchallenge for @mendpoverty. I am hungry and tired!

5/21/10 News about Hunger & Homeless

Florida passes a Homeless Hate Crimes Law Virginia: A $2.4 million federal stimulus grant for Fairfax County has helped more than 600 people avoid becoming homeless Seattle: Don’t call 911 to report a Homeless Encampment – call the City Customer Service Number 206- 684-2489 $3.5 Billion pledged by Obama to feed other countries. Most ofContinue reading “5/21/10 News about Hunger & Homeless”

The face of Hunger with no Housing – Age 3

Like the urchins under Christmas Present’s coat – hunger walked into my office today. He is three years old and has never known a home of his own – never known stability or had his own bed. His infancy was spent in a car sear in the back of a beat up truck – tContinue reading “The face of Hunger with no Housing – Age 3”

Food on Foot

Feed a person for a day for less than $5. FOOD on Foot: Distributes food every Sunday and has a clean up program. (copied from their site)Our Menu It only costs us $4.76 to feed a person. $3.50 – Two-piece chicken meal with corn, rice, and tortillas (El Pollo Loco) $0.23 – Granola Bar $0.20Continue reading “Food on Foot”

Food Drive at Vons – TODAY

It is a grass roots movement by the store to raise food for local charities. Buy an extra can of soup,carton of juice boxes, box of cereal (isn’t there a 5 box special somewhere?) and leave it at the store. ——– NO GROSS FOOD ——– Donate food you would take home and eat with yourContinue reading “Food Drive at Vons – TODAY”

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