The Risk of Housing the homeless

Risk: we take a risk when we shelter those who have forgotten how to be housed. It is frustration and sadness and irritation to learn someone has damages the property by doing something avoidable. Also, it is expensive. Alas, we repair and they another day and succeed. bit by bit, we teach Housing and showContinue reading “The Risk of Housing the homeless”


Hey guys, So we’ve been hanging out here for over a decade (if you have been here since the beginning). When I started this in an Excalibur hotel room in Las Vegas, I was a little buzzed and talking to my friends Bonnie and Isabel. They did not understand why I spend my days onContinue reading “FAILURE . . .”

Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.

I am still feeling sick about the #Charleston AME shooting last night. I have heard it is not #Terrorism because it isn’t politically motivated and the shooter was “mentally disturbed”. Umm, Sitting Senator Clementa Pinckney was one of the nine victims murdered. I would call that a political shooting, wouldn’t you? At any rate …Continue reading “Help the Charleston Families and Other Assistance agencies in the Neighborhood.”

Homeless Veteran Services

Homeless Veteran in need of help? Call 1-877-4AID VET (1-877-424-3838) The Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) has founded a National Call Center for Homeless Veterans hotline to ensure that homeless Veterans or Veterans at-risk for homelessness have free, 24/7 access to trained counselors. The hotline is intended to assist homeless Veterans and their families, VA Medical Centers, federal, stateContinue reading “Homeless Veteran Services”

Learning to be Housed

” How important is it that I pay rent ?”. As jaw droppingly stupid as hearing those words from someone who is expecting a new car tomorrow is – I heard them last night. Often homelessness is caused – not by lack of resources- but by the unwise spending of resources. (Gas to go farContinue reading “Learning to be Housed”

A Surprising fact: CalWORKS and Saving for a Housing

#fb You can have a bank account with more than $100 in it – if it is restricted for finding housing … first and last month’s rent, deposit on housing, etc. Don’t touch it for anything else – not even to buy a stick of gum. This is from the 2008 SB 1341 that youContinue reading “A Surprising fact: CalWORKS and Saving for a Housing”

PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds

Federal funds were released through the County Board of Supervisors on Aug 31, 2010 to these three agencies serving the homeless in LA. Union Station is based in Pasadena California, PATH has the PATH Mall and smaller satellite sites (PATH Achieve in Glendale being my favorite – however Joel John Roberts and Carlos Gonzalez in theContinue reading “PATH, Union Station and VOA awarded funds”

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